Linera specializes both in application and embedded software development. We have a broad experience ranging from embedded software written in assembly, to 500K+ LOC simulation software written in C/C++.

Application software development
Linera provides custom software design and development solutions to its clients. We possess a wide range of software development skills and we have experience developing simulators, scientific applications, industrial automation software and client-server applications.

Embedded software development
Embedded software development is a specialized field where engineers are expected to be proficient and experienced in both hardware and software. Linera provides embedded development services for a broad spectrum of designs: from small microcontrollers, to board support packages and devices drivers, to large, real-time complex systems.

We deliver turn-key solutions, starting from requirement analysis, design documentation, design closure, testing and final delivery.

We have experience in working on embedded projects across several industry domains including industrial automation, control systems and defense.

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