Linera provides design services for your FPGA, ASIC , microcontroller and DSP based systems. We offer turn-key solutions starting from specifications to fully functional system. If needed we also provide subsystems as IP-cores to be integrated into your system.

For FPGA-based system, Linera not only provides pure Verilog/VHDL based designs, but also complete embedded systems solutions utilizing hard processor cores (PPC405, PPC440 etc.), or soft processor cores (Microblaze, NIOS, etc.).

We also offer our expertise on hard IP blocks on some FPGA families. We offer our services to develop systems where FPGA Hard IP blocks such as PCI, PCI Express or Ethernet MAC are required.

We have strong background and in-depth knowledge of digital design, ranging from custom microprocessors (as large as 500 Million+ transistors) to multi-FPGA and multi-DSP signal processing systems running on real-time operating systems.

Our services cover a comprehensive spectrum of design engineering:

Product Definition and Architecture Development:

  • Concept & feasibility study
  • Technology assessment/vendor selection
  • Hardware and software partitioning
  • Architecture and micro-architecture definition
  • IP block selection and custom IP definition

FPGA Design:

  • RTL modeling (Verilog, VHDL)
  • IP core development and integration
  • Synthesis and design optimization
  • Floor planning
  • PAR and Timing Closure

FPGA Verification and Analysis:

  • Test bench generation
  • Functional simulation and assertions
  • Code coverage and functional coverage
  • Post-synthesis simulation

Please contact us for your digital and FPGA-based design needs.